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276a72b4ce Gigantic Update
* Migrated manual tests to jest and started working on better coverage
* Added a bookmarklet and push key generation tool allowing URL pushing from bookmarklets
* Updated web scraping with tons of bug fixes
* Updated attachments page to handle new push links
* Aggressive note change checking, if patches get out of sync, server overwrites bad updates.
2023-10-17 19:46:14 +00:00
b5ef64485f + Giant update to multiple users editing notes.
- Edits are done per DOM element, making diffs smaller and faster
- Multiple users can now edit the same note witheout it turning into a gaint mess
- Caret position is saved better and wont jump around as much

+ Removed Active sessions text
2023-07-30 04:18:17 +00:00
c61f0c0198 Graph update and little noe ui tweaks 2023-07-23 23:13:28 +00:00
d3acd62688 Deleting unused files 2023-03-02 19:53:32 +00:00
a1ca4c3d06 Commiting all changes for repo cleaning 2023-03-02 19:46:51 +00:00
27699cd6fc Updated dnydns script 2023-03-02 01:35:52 +00:00
39e153b8e1 Not really sure what is going on, have not done a commit in a while.
I assume this is all the metric tracking changes.
Looks like some script changes as well.
2023-02-12 18:41:55 +00:00
48c1fa8e69 Added timeout to fetch user totals which prevents
Duplicate calls which would be really annoying
2022-12-22 01:59:27 +00:00
0202d1acda Bugfix Day 1
* Fixed attachments being displayed that were on archived or deleted notes
* Added options to show attachments on archived or trashed notes
* Showing note files will show all attachments for note even if its archived or trashed with mixed file types
* Fixed text about "Flux" theme which was removed
* Fixed bug when opening metric tracking that would prevent default fields from being shown
2022-12-20 19:59:03 +00:00
31473c02ea Added metric tracking and some other little fixes 2022-12-20 17:42:38 +00:00
59f13484a7 Tweaking node versions and project settings
* Removed node sass lets hope it doesn't break anything
2022-10-23 19:37:05 +00:00
0c107a60bd Project restructuring, fixing minor bugs related to vue CLI upgrade
* Removed PWA kit from project, this removes a ton of dependencies
2022-10-23 19:14:31 +00:00
2b76f74dee Added cycle tracking beta to app 2022-10-21 19:34:13 +00:00
1a6a7bdfd4 Updated vue CLI to latest version
Added cycle tracking base
2022-10-13 19:28:35 +00:00
Max G
b51e5ac0d0 Adding everything to get started on cycle tracking and maybe avid habit clone 2022-09-25 17:17:41 +00:00
Max G
77cd95fdcb Added paste button and touched up some styles 2022-07-05 05:10:40 +00:00
Max G
d94b8c90fc Updated marketing images to change with theme
Removed visible attribute that was left over from testing
Removed drag attribute on check boxes, needs better implimentation later. Drag prevented click events
2022-04-03 17:21:05 +00:00
Max G
0c4f6e94c1 Added focus and interaction to refresh notes that have been changed while user was looking away 2022-02-25 04:26:12 +00:00
Max G
bc44b3db9a Lots of little ease of use tweaks 2022-02-25 02:33:49 +00:00
Max G
c1797474b8 Updated database script to make it more robust and not break the freaking database when you apply the prod DB to dev 2022-02-25 02:33:20 +00:00
Max G
148b822d49 Tons of littele interface changes and cleanups
Massive update to image scraper with much better image getter
Lots of little ui updates for mobile
2022-01-27 04:48:19 +00:00
Max G
b666bfc197 Bunch of changes and unfinished features. Just trying to keep everything up to date. This project is a mess. Don't worry. You are employed. 2021-12-18 22:18:22 +00:00
Max G
7ccf0417e0 Checking in minor changes for server migration 2021-02-12 17:11:33 +00:00
Max G
c7e342be4d * Removed unused get note diff function. It doesn't work because everything is encrypted now
* Added a script to sync down the prod database and files to dev
2020-10-10 21:27:52 +00:00
Max G
941d21d9cb Added vue config 2020-10-05 06:46:13 +00:00
Max G
e5adaefa0e Updating Everything to work correctly 2020-10-05 06:45:50 +00:00
Max G
cf426eba81 * updated server packages 2020-10-04 18:59:30 +00:00
Max G
91e37d368d Updated Squire 2020-10-03 19:15:31 +00:00
Max G
b0c487404c * Added an auth screen that isn't integrated at all or working
* Force logout of user with authorization error
* Wrong site blocker doesn't trigger on the solid scribe domain
* Added log out button to main side bar making it easier to find
* Improved icon set for notes
* Colored notes display better on mobile, fixed text color based on color brightness
* Moved terms of use link to the bottom of a few pages
* Updated feature sections on home page, make them clearer and easier to process
* Tweaked color themes
* Deleted links no longer show up in search
* Updated search to use multiple key words
* Updated tests to do a multi word search
* Tweaked a bunch of styles to look better on chrome and browsers
2020-08-03 02:40:27 +00:00
Max G
b34a62e114 * Added fake site warning
* Fixed a bunch of style bugs for chrome browsers
* Improved check box styles on desktop and mobile
* Touch up tool tip styles. Only dark now.
* Created a separate terms page
* Added 2FA auth token options to login
* Added tool tip displays to some buttons on editor
* Added pinned and archived options to overflow menu
* Changed shared note styles
* Disabled Scroll into view
* Made image display smaller when adding images to notes
* Added a last used color option
* Updated help page
* Fixed spelling error on terms page
* Added a big ass green label on the new note icon
* Scratch pad now opens a note, which is the scratch pad
* Added better 2fa guide
* Added change password option
* Added log out and log out all active sessions option
* Added strict rate limiting on login and register actions
* Added middleware to routes that force authentication to be accessed
* Fixed bug that was causing shared notes to appear empty
* Updated option now appears on shared notes after they are actually updated
2020-07-23 05:00:20 +00:00
Max G
a8a966866c * Added theme colors to form fields
* Added some basic table styles for inserting some shitty tables
* Made popup notification styles look better and work better on mobile
* Quick note now opens a note and not some weird page
* Menu collapses when page is small, behaves like mobile menu
* Added terms and conditions to help and login forms
* Added password change functionality
* Better styles for shared page
* Added some tests for changing password
2020-07-14 05:31:02 +00:00
Max G
06b8f0ad6a Added privacy policy
Updated marketing
Added some keyboard shortcuts
Added settings page
Added accent theming
Added beta 2FA
2020-07-07 04:04:55 +00:00
Max G
2ae84ab73e Update
* Added more version icons
* Added working sign to notes when archived or tagged
* Big sexy marketing update
* Clicking Tags now opens them in their tag category
2020-07-03 03:25:38 +00:00
Max G
8b711ab508 Updated all global and local client packages
* Tweaked sessions to be a little more reliable on mobile
2020-06-21 02:07:36 +00:00
Max G
0bbdda9a2a * Updated server packages 2020-06-21 01:07:27 +00:00
Max G
39b3eef64a Removed some transitions from tooltips 2020-06-21 01:01:12 +00:00
Max G
071aaf22cd * Added Much better session Management, key updating and deleting
* Force reload of JS if app numbers dont match
* Added cool tag display on side of note
* Cleaned up a bunch of code and tweaked little things to be better
2020-06-15 09:02:20 +00:00
Max G
d2624628d8 * Added new token system to add more security to logins
* Added simple tag editing from note page
2020-06-10 04:41:52 +00:00
Max G
6bb856689d * Adjusted theme colors to add more contrast on white theme while making black more OLED friendly
* Links now get an underline on hover
* Cleaned up CSS variable names, added another theme color for more control
* Cleaned up unused CSS, removed scrollbars popping up, tons of other little UI tweaks
* Renamed shared notes to inbox
* Tweaked form display, seperated login and create accouts
* Put login/sign up form on home page
* Created more legitimate marketing for home page
* Tons up updates to note page and note input panel
* Better support for two users editing a note
* MUCH better diff handling, web sockets restore notes with unsaved diffs
* Moved all squire text modifier functions into a mixin class
* It now says saving when closing a note
* Lots of cleanup and better handiling of events on mount and destroy
* Scroll behavior modified to load notes when closer to bottom of page
* Pretty decent shared notes and sharable link support
* Updated help text
* Search now includes tag suggestions and attachment suggestions
* Cleaned up scratch pad a ton, allow for users to create new scratch pads
* Created a 404 Page and a Shared note page
* So many other small improvements. Oh my god, what is wrong with me, not doing commits!?
2020-06-07 20:57:35 +00:00
Max G
8e5e06be9b * Small hack to fix images not closing window on mobile
* Made note active text modifier buttons better
* Fixed Colored notes being to big on mobile
2020-05-22 07:08:45 +00:00
Max G
06a140e0d4 * Fixed cursor clicking ToDo lists clicking to early
* Added login form to home page with focus on load
* Tags update after editing tags from title card
* Fixed uploading of images/files
* Fixed images not appearing when opening images tab
* Search hits all categories on search, like archived
* Got rid of brand icons to reduce size
* Got rid of DiffPatchMatch and Crypto from note input panel to reduce size
* Disabled animation on io events so they don't annoy the shit out of people on other computers
2020-05-20 07:57:15 +00:00
Max G
543ecf0f2d Bugfix Batch
* Animations disabled on remote events, closing note still triggers animation for local user
* Created save icons to fix display on mobile
* Hidden URLs are hidden until note is deleted or URL is removed from note
* Tags search all categories, but probably not trash
* Back to all notes button clears search
* Deleted Notes are removed from search index
2020-05-19 03:38:43 +00:00
Max G
5096e74a60 * Removed arrows from notification
* Added trash can function
* Tweaked status text to always be the same
* Removed some open second note code
* Edior always focuses on text now
* Added some extra loading note messages
* Notes are now removed from search index when deleted
* Lots more things happen and update in real time on multiple machines
* Shared notes can be reverted
* WAY more tests
* Note Categories are much more reliable
* Lots of code is much cleaner
2020-05-18 07:45:35 +00:00
Max G
e87e8513bc * Made splash page dark and updated description
* Cleaned up unused things
* Updated squire which had a comment typo update...thats it
* Background color picker has matching colors and styles to text color picker
* Added new black theme
* Moved search to main page, show it on mobile and added options to push things to notes from search with experimental tag searching
* Added active note menu buttons based on cursor location in text
* Added more instant updating if app is open in two locations for the same user Scratch Pad and home page update with new notes and new text in real time
2020-05-15 23:12:09 +00:00
Max G
67b218329b * Delete Crunch Menu Component
* Disabled Quick Note
* Note crunches over when menu is open
* Added a cool loader
* Remomoved locked notes
* Added full note encryption
* Added encrypted search index
* Added encrypted shared notes
* Made search bar have a clear and search button
* Tags only loade when clicking on the tags menu
* Tweaked home page to be a little more sane
* built out some gigantic test cases
* simplified a lot of things to make entire app easier to maintain
2020-05-10 21:15:59 +00:00
Max G
df073b0e4d Fully Encrypted notes Beta
* Encrypts all notes going to the database
* Creates encrypted snippets for loading note title cards
* Creates an encrypted search index when note is changed
* Migrates users to encrypted notes on login
* Creates new encrypted master keys for newly logged in users
2020-05-06 07:10:27 +00:00
Max G
a545ced98f Major Update: Changed Text Input View
* Created new toolbar that moves on mobile
2020-05-02 19:10:20 +00:00
Max G
29845e2294 Tweaked shrinking buttons for better display on mobile 2020-04-16 01:41:47 +00:00
Max G
e296775a31 * Tags Dropbown Beta...kinda crappy 2020-04-15 21:54:36 +00:00
Max G
3d2c9868fd * Little Bug Fixes All Around 2020-04-15 20:44:24 +00:00