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# Setup env variables
source ~/.env
# Send updated dynamic IP address to Namecheap, in order to update subdomains.
# This uses curl (separate pkg) to send the change; Namecheap automatically detects source IP if the ip field (like domain, password) ..
# is not specified.
# info helper
info() { printf "\n%s %s\n\n" "$( date )" "$*" >&2; }
info "Starting IP update for subdomains"
echo "$DYDNS_HOST&domain=$DYDNS_DOMAIN&password=$DYDNS_PASS"
# first subdomain
curl "$DYDNS_HOST&domain=$DYDNS_DOMAIN&password=$DYDNS_PASS"
# second subdomain
curl "$DYDNS_HOST2&domain=$DYDNS_DOMAIN&password=$DYDNS_PASS"
info "IP update done"