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# Push built release files to production server
echo -e "\e[32m\nStarting Build. \n\e[0m"
# Build out new release
cd client
npm run build
cd ..
# only compress client/dist and server with node_modules
echo -e "\e[32m\nCompressing client and server code... \n\e[0m"
tar -czf release.tar.gz server node_modules client/dist staticFiles/assets
#send compressed release to remote machine
echo -e "\e[32m\nMoving compressed release to production... \n\e[0m"
rsync -e 'ssh -p 13328' -havzC --update release.tar.gz
# Remove Release from local after its been uploaded
rm release.tar.gz
#uncompress release on server
echo -e "\e[32m\nExtracting release on production... \n\e[0m"
ssh -p 13328 "cd /home/mab/pi/; rm -r server node_modules client; tar -xzf *.tar.gz --overwrite; rm *.tar.gz; pm2 reload all"
#Congratulate how awesome you are
echo -e "\e[32m\nRelease Complete! Nice Work! \n\e[0m"