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Max 0c107a60bd Project restructuring, fixing minor bugs related to vue CLI upgrade
* Removed PWA kit from project, this removes a ton of dependencies
2022-10-23 19:14:31 +00:00
Max G 278b204b3b * Added placeholder text to site when loading JS
* Added hidden text to site for scraping
* Login token will be destroyed if fetch site totals is called and the token is bad
* Moved passwords out of application and into a .env file that is loaded on startup
* Changed prod database password for primary user (which is dev)
* Set up .env for dev and prod
2020-04-13 07:44:57 +00:00
Max G 61754fe290 Started to build out the app. Its got a basic set of features and it should really be in VC 2019-07-19 20:51:57 +00:00