Scripts and tools to make chat gpt write code for you.
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Scripts and tools to make chat gpt write code for you.
Lets all be honest here, this is just the beginning of the end for software engineers.
Might as well make your coding super efficient in the mean time.

Right now this is only for JS files. I work primarily in JS so I customized the promps to be in JS.
To change this behavior just modify the prompt. You could even remove the language from the promp and
manually input it each time for example:
'in python, generate a for loop'
'in ruby, output the alphabet backmards'
'in assembly, send help, im dying'

How to run

First Setup your API keys with OpenAI

Autohotkey Setup - Windows

  • Install AutoHotKey
  • Download the AutoHotKey directory
  • Add your secret API key to the script and save
  • Double Click the .ahk file to run it
  • Type in what you want chat GPT to generate in a text editor or VS code
  • Press ~ to run script

Autokey Setup - Linux

  • Install Autokey
  • Copy the contents of the Autokey directory to your local autokey config folder (or just create a new script and then paste in the contents)
  • Assign a "hotkey"
  • Press your hotkey to run the script, script output will be pasted into whatever is open